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  • 2018 British Challenger Camp members

    Thanks to Coaches Will and Aiden, the British Challenger Camp was a big success!
  • Evening team waiting to start.

  • Stewart playing Yes or No

  • Coach Ben giving water to Jamison

  • Jamison attacking Stewart!!

  • Stewart getting drenched

  • Charlie practicing his dribbling.

  • Gabe using a move.

  • Si listening carefully.

  • Morning group working a drill.

  • Run Charlie Run!!

  • Just about to start!

  • Jamison slips away from Stewart.

  • Is Stewart doing a new dance?

  • I guess this is the new dance.

  • Trey shows off his Croatia cake

  • Stewart playing Yes or No with Ben

  • Holden playing Yes or No

  • Joseph playing Yes or No

  • Not sure if Trey is going up or coming down!

  • Pheobe practicing her skills with Abby!

  • Stewart practicing toe taps.